What does AnesthesiaOS™ system actually do?

AnesthesiaOS™ system is the only EHR platform formulated for speed, intuitiveness, and mobility.


  • AnesthesiaOS™ system builds accurate and complete electronic anesthesia records while storing a copy for future review and use.
  • AOS allows for administrative oversight of one or multiple cases at the same time via the Clinical Manager.
  • Upon completion of a case the data can be shared with any and all authorized departments, systems, and providers.
  • The application maintains all of the cases within the AOS database. For hospitals and ASCs this database is located at your datacenter.

The people behind AOS

Medical Information Records (MIR) is an innovative medical software company that leverages new technologies with the vision of advancing medicine by creating a smarter workflow.   MIR’s products enhance the point of care, not control it.  MIR’s flagship product is AnesthesiaOS™.

Core Values:

MIR was founded on the following core values that are integrated into all of its products and services.

Developed by anesthesiologists with a combined twenty plus years of clinical experience, MIR’s flagship product, AnesthesiaOS™ , is the only triple platform electronic medical record (EMR) formulated for speed, intuitiveness, and mobility. It can be utilized to perform operating room cases via a web portal, iPad, or Windows Surface Pro Tablet. Anesthesia OS provides EMR enhancements and improvements in such areas as clinical documentation, charge capture, and data informatics. Because AnesthesiaOS captures real-time, accurate and relevant data by interfacing with anesthesia monitors and machines, it can provide the insight to improve workflow and outcomes.