EHR or EMR? Still confused?

EHR or EMR? Still confused?

As we are helping our clients’ train new personnel to use our anesthesia software we often have to stop and be sure they understand the difference between the two common terms used to describe the electronic record in the healthcare industry, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). These terms are often easily confused in both patient interactions and clinical administration conversations.

What is the difference between EMR and EHR? This breakdown of the terms could help to lessen the confusion between the two terms:

EMR is a clinical data from a single provider of health care delivery such as a hospital or a singular health system.

EHR is a patient’s compiled health record of received health services from a variety of providers and the patient experiences all in one single repository.

What should an EHR accomplish?
Allow healthcare providers to capture (enter) data about the patient during the point of care thereby reducing errors.
Integrate patient information and data from multiple sources to allow for a more holistic view of the patient for the purpose of integrated care.
Give caregivers support and useful information for decision-making.

How does a patient’s EMR become part of an EHR? That answer lies in the use of an EMR platform that allows partners in a health care system to consolidate the clinical data of a patient’s EMR with her EHR. In doing so, it fosters greater efficiency with transitions between facilities and services.

An EMR platform gives healthcare workers a singular portal to enter data. Physicians can then access the records of pharmacy services, laboratory services and other physicians’ observations and notes with ease. An EMR platform also helps to reduce typical paperwork delays while reducing cost and increasing efficiencies by shortening the time for laboratory results, pharmaceutical changes, physician authorizations, and orders for treatments as they occur.

The AnesthesiaOS EMR platform provides EHR enhancements and improvements in patient care and safety, quality assurance, compliance, risk management and business intelligence.

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