Cloud-based pricing

A pay-as-you-go model with minimal upfront costs
Usage-based pricing, so that providers' costs are based on actual usage
No-touch installation

Enhance the point of care

Simple and intuitive
Effortless data care
Decision support tools
Mobile application

Enhanced Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) workflow

Updates and modifies meds within CPOE without changing the provider's workflow
Interfaces with the facilities medication management system and not apart from it

Adapt quickly to changes

Improves case management & billing Adjust to CMS changes

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Expanded insights

Capture real time, accurate and relevant data Longitudinal Reports Consolidated BI Drill down reports. View all cases in real time Provide facilities with a PDF summary and/or the discrete data within the anesthesia record


AQI Reporting Tracking of SCIP measures

Lower operational costs

No infrastructure required Lower equipment refresh rate Improved workflow /elimination of paper